Brick Sketches! a new LEGO theme revealed

New LEGO theme revealed, it’s Brick Sketches!

LEGO Brick Sketches

From what emerges from Brickset, LEGO is about to release a new theme, the Brick Sketches.
2D representations made with LEGO depicting well-known film characters.

These creations come from Chris McVeigh, famous all over the web for his MOCs that you can find on his Flikr profile.

Chris said:

“Through an amazing series of events, Brick Sketches are now available from the LEGO Group itself. It’s a dream come true.”

For the moment there will be 4 sets, two Star Wars and two Super Heroes, images below.
The sets should be available from June 1st!

LEGO Brick Sketches First ORder Stormtrooper 40391
40391 First Order Stormtrooper
LEGO Brick Sketches BB-8 40431
40431 BB-8
LEGO Brick Sketches Batman 40386
40386 Batman
LEGO Brick Sketches Joker 40428
40428 Joker
LEGO Brick Sketches Joker instruction
instruction Brick Sketches Joker

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