Guide and tricks to buy in the various Amazon Europeans stores (de / fr / / es / it)

Buy in foreign Amazon

Who has never bought on Amazon? Everyone at least once, but not everyone knows that you can buy at lower prices also in other Amazon European stores without paying any import tax but only the shipping costs.

Here comes this little guide that will help you in the first steps to buy in foreign Amazon stores.

The language

The first thing to do as soon as you arrive on a foreign Amazon store, which is not already in English, is to change the language to English.

To do this, just search for the national flag of the Amazon site, in the desktop version it is located at the top right, near the search bar, just click or hover over it, select “English” followed by “Save Changes”.

In the mobile version you have to scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find the flag and the language, click on it and as above choose “English“.


You will not have to create a new account for every foreign Amazon, if you already have your own account for the national Amazon you can also use it in the other stores with the same email and password. You will already find the shipping addresses and your payment methods memorized.

Proceed to purchase and shipments

Once you find the product you want to buy, add it to your cart as a normal Amazon order, go to your cart and once you are ready click on “Procced to checkout“, you will find the shipping addresses already saved, if you do not have one this is the time to enter it, and click “Deliver to this address“.
Now you can choose the shipping method, we recommend the standard one because it is the cheapest method.

If it proposes you to activate the Prime DO NOT DO IT, Prime service is valid only for the national territory, Prime service of Amazon Germany is valid only for the German territory, if you apply you will not have free shipping because we are taking advantage of a foreign shipment.

We proceed with the check-out, at this point you will have the summary of your order with the shipping costs that vary according to the weight of the object.

At this point we just have to press “buy” and confirm the purchase.

The price of the item during checkout is different from the price of the cart.

Yes, prices vary according to the country from which you buy and you are buying as the VAT is adjusted accordingly.

For example if in Italy we have a 22% VAT, and we are buying in Germany where they have a 19% VAT, Amazon will apply our VAT to us during the checkout, while in the cart we see the German VAT. In practice, just make a + 3% on the value and you will get the difference in price.


Since orders are made in the European Union, the free movement of goods rule applies, therefore no customs duty will be applied.

Even if you buy from the UK you will not pay any import tax as free movement is in effect until December 31, 2020.

Amazon Conversione Valuta

Payment of different currency.

If you have to pay in a different currency, for example on where the main currency is the pound, there is a little trick to save something.

In fact, at the summary of the order during checkout you will be offered the price of the order in euros, below you can select whether to pay in euros (EUR) or in pounds sterling (GBP). We advise you to always pay with the local currency, in this case by cutting the GBP, this is because Amazon will offer you to exchange the currency, but at a more unfavorable exchange rate than the real rate. Selecting GBP will be your banking institution to make the exchange rate, at a rate that will always be more favorable than that proposed by Amazon.


Also in the other Amazon you can return the goods that are not to your liking within 30 days, the only difference is that you will have to send the package at your expense. But, from personal experience we can tell you that if the product is broken, defective, or other problems other than I no longer need / dislike it, by contacting the assistance you will be refunded for the shipping costs by sending an email and attaching the shipping receipt.


If you still have doubts about how to buy in foreign Amazon stores you can always contact us, we will try to help you at our best, but remember that for problems regarding orders you will have to write to Amazon support, the only ones who can help you