Haunted House Announced – 10273

NEW LEGO Haunted House Announced

LEGO announces the new Haunted House set, a decidedly updated version of the old, and out of production, Haunted House of the Monster Fighters series (10228).

Lego Haunted House box
Box Haunted House

Some details of the set:

  • 3231 pieces
  • 9 minifigures
  • It will open on the front to reveal all the internal details
  • Equipped with a mobile lift in the central part that can be powered by the new Power Up engines and control its operation via smartphone app.
  • It’s part of a new line designed for adults (AFOL), in fact in the box there is a recommended age of 18 years.
  • Measuring are 68 cm high, 25 wide and 25 deep

The site reports June 1st as the availability date, although many other sites report May 20th as the alleged release date for VIP members. We will keep an eye on the site and if the date changes we will notify you in our social channels.

Lego Haunted House box
Lego Haunted House

The video designer was also released where all the details of the set are illustrated:

Video Designer

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